I thought that in honor of Mother’s Day I would recognize a mom that makes a big impact in my life, the one and only veterinary technician and manager of Saga Humane Society, Ingrid Lima.

Ingrid was born in Honduras and moved here to Ambergris Caye, Belize as a young adult.  She has been married to her husband Edgar for 20 years and has 3 beautiful children.  She is recognized in Belize as an Animal Health Assistant and has done numerous courses in both Central America and the U.S.  Ingrid has been at Saga since 2001!

I first met Ingrid when I came to visit the shelter in July 2015.  She was hard at work keeping the shelter on track with only intermittent visits from a veterinarian.  Approval from Ingrid was one of the prerequisites for getting this job.  We are close in age but far in backgrounds, somehow though we have been able to click.  Ingrid is the key to my success as a vet in San Pedro.  She is an excellent technician…experienced, logical, level headed, and very intelligent.  She has a rapore  with the community that is unmatched, never mind that she knows virtually every dog on the island!

Ingrid Hard at Work Assisting Belizean Vet Dr Baptist


Shortly after my  arrival, Ingrid invited me to spend Christmas Eve with her family.  This was a huge honor.  I enjoyed lots of tasty food, as well as tried to win over the affection of her chihuahua Cloudy.

“Cloudy” and I for Christmas


When this emergency after hours dog fight came in for examination and I saw the extent of the wounds my boyfriend asked me, “What do you want me to do?”.  My response was, “GO GET INGRID!”

Hard at Work at Midnight


She’s also always there to give me confidence and calm me, or put on gloves to assist.

My First Limb Amputation (left) and Holding Intestines for Suturing (right)

Aside from vet medicine, Ingrid and I also have our fondness for CrossFit in common.  We go after work most nights.  She may be small, but she kicks my butt much of the time.

Ingrid and Edgar at W.O.D. Zone

ingrid 1

As with most women in our profession we spend a lot of time in scrubs and a bun, but we can clean up nicely too.

Ingrid with Husband Edgar (left) Ingrid with Fellow Staff Member Noemy (right)

Over the past months I have spent more time with this woman than anyone else in Belize.  She is a pleasure to work with and makes my life better every day.  She has a wonderful family that has always made me feel welcome.  She has helped me to integrate into this community and has had endless patience in teaching me Spanish!  Not only is she a coworker, but I have come to love her as a friend.

Happy Mother’s Day Ingrid!



6 thoughts on “Ingrid”

      1. This is really sweet, Sam! I still haven’t watched your video for our reunion but will soon. Love ya x
        Happy Mother’s Day, Ingrid!


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