Island Kittens…No Need for Mittens.


Someone asked me, if it’s hot year round when do cats have their kittens?  What happens when there is really no true Spring?  At the time I pondered this question,  I was unsure of the answer.  Then the answer came to me, quickly, frequently.  Cats have their kittens…!

We often focus on dogs when it comes to shelters, but right now we at Saga Humane Society are housing over 20 cats.  I am hopeful that we will have some new much needed interest in cat adoptions.  Often independent, cats make a much lower maintenance pet than a dog.  Most are great listeners (and only some talk back).  They are each full of their own personality!

I am working hard with the staff as well as volunteers to reduce the stray cat population of San Pedro.  We consistently trap, neuter, and release (TNR) feral (wild) cats so that even though many are not friendly or adoptable they can still live out their lives but not continue to add to the problem.  This week we did our 48th TNR of the year to date!

Crepes and Tweezers are sisters that someone reported to us.  We went to the busy downtown area and rescued them.  They were feral and initially were not into our attention (ie. lots of hissing and spitting!), we are socializing them daily to make sure they will be good pets.




Squeaky (orange) came in having been found on his own, whereas Negrita is part of a litter of 4.  They are both always into trouble.

Squeaky and Negrita

The kittens would much rather attack my shoes than pose for portraits!


Toothpick came in with a horrible respiratory infection and is now left with some permanent scaring of the right eye.  He’s full of energy and generally hilarious.



Bella is recovering in isolation from an upper resp infection.

Bella Abzug


Isadora likes to chill.  She was surrendered by her owner due to lack of funds.  She’s super friendly.



Mrs Lee is my favorite.  She’s attitudinal and talks to me every day.  I would miss her but would love to see her asleep on a couch rather than in her cage.

Mrs Lee


Some of the young adult cats enjoying the afternoon sun in the outdoor enclosure (everyone comes in for the night).


Almost every outdoor cat I spay is in heat or pregnant.  Remember that 2 cats become dozens in just a few months!  CATS need homes too, no matter where you live.


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